Mallcomm is one of the most effective and efficient management tools a retail destination can have.
  • Brings together your whole retail community
  • Makes everyone more efficient
  • Ensures that operations are well-managed
  • Builds strong relationships between people and brands
  • Optimises the effectiveness of your support staff
  • Raises the standard for safety and security in your centre
  • Saves on resources
  • Drives retailer sales
  • Facilitates sharing of data
From critical security messaging to powerful reporting to engaging retailers in marketing, operationally Mallcomm solves every problem for:

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Shopping Centre Management

Mallcomm gives you an instant real-time picture of what's happening in your centre as an essential management tool.  Centre management can feel more in control and streamline processes to be more efficient.  What's more, its powerful reporting capability allows you to distribute the information quickly, easily and securely to the right people.

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Mallcomm can improve retailer engagement in marketing activity by more than 70%.  The flow of information through the app brings marketing and retailers closer and allows both parties to easily spot and manage opportunities to get involved in each other's campaigns and events.  It also allows you to easily manage content from retailer to your channels.

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Retail Staff At All Levels

Mallcomm keeps the community of retailer staff informed about all issues affecting their stores.  From security and maintenance alerts to marketing to reporting footfall data, the centre chooses what information each user receives that helps them to feel part of the retail community.  It also drives sales through the ability for retailers to post special offers to each other and can help with costly recruitment headaches through its job posting function.

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Mallcomm allows everyone responsible for ensuring a safe environment to do this quickly and securely. From day-to-day security procedures to emergency situations Mallcomm allows you to send and receive different messages to different levels of people involved in the touch of a button, plus it gives an instant picture of the situation in the palm of your hand at any time.

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Other Operational Staff: Cleaning, Facilities, Parking, Contractors

Mallcomm allows cleaning, maintenance, car parking and customer service staff to work closer together with the centre operations, to provide a better service to retailers and shoppers through being able to report and manage their daily duties and react to special circumstances more effectively.

Body Shop had a fantastic month this April. With a key focus on heavy discounting in store and the team maximising on the opportunity to use Mallcomm to push out strong offers to over 10,000 Meadowhall retail staff, sales were positive and Head Office are keen to carry this strategy through to forthcoming months.

Area Manager, The Body Shop