About Us

Mallcomm grew out of a crucial need we identified in the course of our marketing work for shopping malls across Europe. With virtually every project, we were observing that the challenges of B2B communication with vendors were impeding our clients’ capacity to focus on brand strategy, growing profits and the customer experience. Basically—getting word out to retailers was costing our clients far too much in terms of money, effectiveness and time.

We also realized that there was an unfulfilled need for real-time two-way communication with lots of different parties in the retail community who are not part of the main organization. By satisfying this need we would not only be able to transform communications and the resulting relationships, but also we would vastly improve the efficiency of processes involved in operations and driving sales.

In 2011 we made finding a way to fix these problems our priority. We created an innovative multi-channel platform to orchestrate efficient communication with your sales force, facilities teams, and other business partners to give you total control over your brand’s real-world operations.