Mallcomm unites shopping centre management, marketers, retailers and operational staff in one powerful universe facilitating instant two-way communication and effective operational procedures.  Mallcomm makes everyone more efficient, builds relationships and makes your centre secure and well-managed.
In a nutshell, no other tool in the industry provides the whole shopping centre with such wide-ranging functionality, high efficiency, easy integration and effortless use.  Mallcomm gives you control over your operations by harnessing the power of effective B2B communication. 
We were looking for a solution to many of the operational challenges faced by our businesses to give a better and safer shopping experience for the millions of visitors who shop on our streets every year. Operationally Mallcomm has allowed store staff to work closer together with security, plus operations and facilities staff such as our Welcome Ambassadors and Clean Team to deliver a safe and pleasant environment. The sharing of news and events second-by-second also helps the area remain at the very forefront of global shopping experiences. Mallcomm has empowered everyone involved in that experience to deliver the best in class and be more efficient.
  Steven Medway, New West End Company’s Managing Director of the trading environment. Representing 25 London streets including Oxford Street, Regent Street and Bond Street

Main Features

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Multi-Device Platform

Mallcomm is a downloadable application found in all the major app stores and widely available on all mobile platforms, from Apple iPhone/iPad to Android and Blackberry devices. Mallcomm is also fully functional and can be used on desktop devices as well.

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Powerful Reporting

Mallcomm provides the ability to view how many members of staff are using Mallcomm, who is currently logged in and who has actually read a piece of information - invaluable information in the communication process. This helps you to understand your most active participants and those staff who are on the shop floor talking to customers and promoting your shopping centre marketing activity.

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Multi-Level Control and Security

Mallcomm facilitates real-time two-way communication with multi-level control. Centre management teams can set as many, or as few, logins as desired to get the correct levels of security for their individual shopping centre. Each centre can split users into unlimited levels of security so you can easily send information only to store managers, only to fashion retailers or even just to the centre management team themselves.

Mallcomm offers us the opportunity to streamline the cost and efficiency of our communications. As with any scheme, communication is a challenge, therefore, we are always on the lookout for new products and tools that can assist with our operations. Mallcomm offers a way to communicate directly with our team, retailers and their teams in a cost effective way that ensures we can measure ROI .
John Gray, John Gray Service Charges Ltd